We had the privilege of being interviewed on the podcast Powell to the People – per health and all things positive. It is sent out (through its parent network) to 1.5 million listeners. CLICK THIS SHOW LINK or button below to listen.

Yesterday, we have the privilege of being interviewed on Powell to the People – a podcast on health and all things positive – is carried out (through its parent network) to 1.5 million listeners.

It’s hosted by former Manhattan Beach Mayor Wayne Powell – a terrific guy…and stellar civic leader. And it’s no mistake that he’s now a proud wearer of his own reminder band. Plus, I’m always pleased to introduce the CEO of the movement (and my wonderful wife) Nellie Ambrose – who designed what I believe is one of the more powerful and meaningful logos.

Normally I’m doing the hosting on RED HOT HEALTHCARE…so being the interviewee was a nice twist.

Here is the show link – or you can click on the image below. Reach out through contact page below if you have any problems with loading.

Happy listening!


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