Walk The Ridge 

Enough is enough!

For years I grew sick and tired of people hating and being hated. Blaming and being blamed. Judging and being judged. Shaming and being shamed.

Our country has become broken and divided – and we must learn to get along. We all share in the responsibility of how our future will look. Together we can…WE MUST work together to bring back civil discourse and treat each other with greater respect and decency.  

An image began to appear.  An image of what we have become; humans who have retreated deep into our separate ideological valleys, unable to see each other. Unwilling to hear each other. Unlikely to respect each other. And with that image came the sense of urgency…

That it’s imperative, for the good of society, to ascend up to the ridge, that highest part of the mountain, where we can see both valleys and discover that there is beauty on both sides.

I began to see an evolving society where more and more people ascended to the ridge, committed to walking together in the spirit of kindness, non-judgement, peace and acceptance. People were happier, less angry, more friendly…..the sky looked brighter…and the world became a better place.  

When we commit to Walking the Ridge, and live it on a daily basis, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.

I See You. I Hear You. I Respect You…I Walk the Ridge.  Will You?

Nellie Ambrose


Walk The Ridge is a practice and movement that promotes the daily practice of respect & civility between people with different views & ideologies.

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