More coffins in Chicago. This past holiday WEEKEND 87 people were shot and 17 had their lives snuffed out.

One of the fatalities was a gift from God named Natalia Wallace. A beautiful 7 year-old girl, who was MURDERED, when several men drove up to her house, exited their car, and began firing into the party of people. 

Natalia, who’s family described her as “sweet, shy, loving, and good at math,” simply stepped outside to anxiously see the fireworks. A minute later, this beautiful flower had been viciously shot in her forehead.  

Sadly this is the 3rd weekend IN A ROW where a child under 10 has been a shooting victim in Chicago. As of July 2nd, the city has 336 murders, up 34% from one year ago. In comparison, New York City, which is three times as populated is presently at 178 murders.

Where is the leadership? Where are the police? Where is the outrage from everyone genuinely concerned with black lives mattering?  

It should go without saying…yet we are in a time of having to state the obvious. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other police brutality victims matter greatly – justice and reform is sorely needed. 

But THIS is something altogether different…and you don’t have to be a genius to recognize it. You only have to be honest to face up to it. Whether it takes new leaders, new tactics, a new police force, or bringing in the National Guard…results matter most when it comes to protecting the innocent.

For all those who are concerned with posturing, politics and pointing fingers…have at it. Here is a great article with stats and historical insight on the city of Chicago and murder.

Readers, I urge you to take a good look at Natalia’s picture. Remember when YOUR child was 7…or your niece was 7. Remember the sweetness of their voice, their kindness, and their innocence. 

At times like these, we need move past politics and honestly examine and rectify where the laws of nature have gone sorely wrong.