Gifting 50

We’re gifting 50 people who share their desire for and support of kindness, civility, and the need to see more of both. 

For all the good that came in 2019, it was also a year that showed a real need to improve kindness & civility (K&C). How many times have we seen, received, or perhaps even given a lack of it to others in the workplace – and in our personal lives?

This is especially true when we have differences in opinions and views in our cubicle conversations, intranet chats, emails, and office meetings. We certainly see it online, in the media, and in our own families and communities. 

gifting 50

The words and behaviors can be abrasive, toxic, and divisive. Too often, it slips into a pattern. Poor K&C impacts workplace trust and relationships – plus existing efforts of inclusion, engagement, and improving company culture.

K&C is that gap-filling ‘social glue’ that helps catalyze even more improvement in these and other culture-improving efforts. But real change in individuals and company teams doesn’t happen just from company policy or a motivational seminar. It takes learning, developing skills, practice, feedback, and accountability.

We wanted to build a short, powerful bridge to make ‘just talk’ become ‘real walk’ in growing K&C. So we created and recently released a unique online learning program called ‘WALKING THE RIDGE’. At just over 2 hours, it’s 23 bite-sized and interconnected lessons to inspire, empower, and teach powerful insights, skills, and easy-to-use techniques for helping us to be genuinely better – for ourselves and to others.




walk the ridge

To be included within our first 50 FREE programs, write a comment below on what K&C means to you. A few sentences, a few paragraphs…just go with your feelings. If inclined, re-share this article with others. 

Then send an email to [email protected] – with the subject line of ‘I support K&C’. And if you’re on the more reserved side, include your comments on your email in lieu of posting them below. All emails and content kept confidential.

Thanks in advance for your support of my effort and the greater good that comes from people being kinder and more civil – for themselves, others, company culture, and society.

* Program ends January 5, 2020