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A movement that promotes the practice of greater civility and inclusion, through improved soft skills, habits of engagement, plus accountability.

To ‘Walk The Ridge’ means to be committed to the growth of adding more civility into their daily communications and engagements with others, in all types of environments.


A learning organization that teaches this practice to individuals, companies, colleges, and organizations.

Do you really understand civility?

Civility is a term that is often manipulated, misappropriated, and widely misunderstood.

Civility IS NOT about politics. It DOES NOT have anything to do with losing or compromising your beliefs or views. It DOES NOT get magically switched on in people’s actions and behavior when leaders “call” for it. It DOES NOT meaningfully grow and sustain just because an organization adds the term into their core values, workplace policies, and public branding.

Civility IS a set of soft skills that must be learned, practiced, and improved upon. It can be applied at work, in the home, within the community, and in the online environment. Those utilizing it consistently over time and in multiple engagements will see lasting change in behavior and emotional intelligence.

Many organizations do good work in promoting a vision of greater civility. Walk The Ridge believes that true improvement in civility ONLY happens when accompanied by BOTH personal and public accountability. This is why we advocate wearing your truth and investing in learning and training.

What is OUR Mission?

The mission of WALK THE RIDGE is to grow ‘Circles of Civility’.

A bottom-up approach to teaching, spreading and building better habits for engagement and communication. Over time, as these circles overlap people and engagement, they will spread from families to communities to society.

Why the wristbands?

The bands function as a visual anchor, reminding wearers to engage others with more civility. Perhaps more important is WHEN OTHERS know why you wear it. You become accountable, and this helps drive more consistent habits, actions, and expected behavior. 

It also provides a ‘teachable moment’ for you to explain to others who DO notice the band.  

See our FREE GUIDE on Bands to learn more.

How are you a learning organization?

HR, culture, and diversity leaders often miss taking civility seriously – until it turns into harassment or discrimination. Like so many other behaviors, civility is a soft or core skill that must be learned, practiced, and made into a supportive habit. Our FREE GUIDES allow your organization to get started.

Reach out if you would like to have powerful speaking engagements for your school, company, conference, and other interested audiences.  

How do I support WALK THE RIDGE?

We are a for-profit, for-purpose movement and learning organization. Our mission is to empower people to improve civility within themselves and spread it through others. Companies and organizations can support this FOR FREE (with no obligation – and free rewards) RIGHT HERE

We DO NOT take any financial donations. Instead, please take the money you would have contributed and use it to improve civility for yourself, your organization, or your company in the following ways:


1) Wear your truth. Accountability is key to improving civility and empowering better behavior – plus it speaks volumes in influencing others. We recommend starting with wearing and sharing our unique wristbands – or finding other options by visiting OUR STORE

Certainly for any individual – but please also think about all your employees and even your national customers. Look at the gain for your church, high school, university, and organization members. Also, your dedicated followers, team fans, your local community, and certainly your friends and family.


2) Speaking to hearts and minds. From Silicon Valley keynotes to HR leadership conferences and Fortune 100 companies, we get heads nodding and purpose thriving. We enjoy delivering the goods to both small and very large audiences – connecting with highly-engaging content and powerful takeaways. High schools & local civic organizations (in the Los Angeles area) are always free. Learn more HERE.


3) Training. Start making changes in all environments today — with our FREE civility guides HERE

In the first quarter of 2019, we will be adding a learning platform for the site. It starts with a paid 45-60 minute course for companies and organizations. The purpose is to teach a core understanding and application of civility and to have such noted back to HR/people teams. This benefits risk management, organizational culture, and having communication improvement that positively catalyzes other business functions.

Walk The Ridge is a practice and movement that promotes the daily practice of respect & civility between people with different views & ideologies.

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