Consider a change in expectations.

Because any company leader, political party or media personality can “CALL” for civility and inclusion.

But when the cameras and microphones are off – these individuals often fall back into their hardwired habits.

This is where TRUE accountability – both personally and professionally – falls short.

Sadly, chief people officers, diversity & inclusion experts, and HR leaders often miss this with their own efforts to improve organizational culture.


Your employees do have interaction and communication, which may be different when they are OUTSIDE the office. This includes how they engage with others in the home, community, and online – on a number of issues, including stressful ones.

Companies should certainly not be in the habit of prying into private lives. But it still SHOULD matter to them…because many people feel better when they feel cared for.  

Remember that there’s a difference between ‘paycheck behavior’ vs. genuinely seeking to help individuals improve their own habits and behaviors – in a way where they can apply it positively into their own lives and actions.

So here’s some questions FOR YOU:

What type of impact does the quality of conversation and engagement have on a person?

How do people’s issues OUTSIDE the office affect what they bring INTO the office?

Could you do a better job with learning and development, so that what’s taught could be stressed for life change, rather than just using it in the office?

Would your employees appreciate the difference, per retention and engagement? 

Now some of you may immediately jump into an Employee Assistance Program or EAP.

But this is not reactive and we’re not trying to pry or solve a known problem. This is proactively shaping the way we deliver facets of our culture to better employees both inside and outside the office.

And if it’s good for society – perhaps even encouraging them to share it with others.

So the next time you consider how you’re going to improve civility, inclusion, or engagement in your workplace, college or organization…consider WHAT you’re training on…HOW you are framing the messaging and the way you are going to position it for your employees to take in and apply.

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Our mission is to inspire personal and professional accountability for the way we engage and communicate with others – especially if they have different opinions and views.

Now go take on YOUR day.