Support George Floyd…BUT be careful to not take the bait!

  [ NOTE:  These tips relate to 'digital civility' and mindfulness. These are just 2 of 23 high essential lessons taught within my Walking The Ridge remote solution for company teams, individuals, or college students ] There is online bait everywhere. Individuals...

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The Power of ‘GENUINE’ Civil Discourse

"If someone is willing to sit down and talk with you, regardless of how extreme they are...there's an opportunity to plant a seed." -Daryl Davis, Anti-Racism Activist   Imagine an African American...ANY African American not only actively reaching out to - but...

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A Change in Expectations – WALK THE RIDGE

    Consider a change in expectations. Because any company leader, political party or media personality can "CALL" for civility and inclusion. But when the cameras and microphones are off – these individuals often fall back into their hardwired habits. This...

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Congressman Ted Lieu meets WALK THE RIDGE

We recently had the opportunity to meet with U.S. Congressman Ted Lieu of California. Specifically to present thoughts on and strategy for combating the lack of civility and inclusion happening all across America. The picture above shows this Democratic leader wearing...

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The Born to Talk Show with WALK THE RIDGE

  Recently, we were invited guests on the Born To Talk podcast show (LISTEN). During the hour, we addressed the powerful mission of Walk The Ridge, as well as the many benefits of civility when engaging others. Earlier in the day, I had the pleasure of a...

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Female Incivility in the Workplace – WALK THE RIDGE

A recent study has cast new light on the growing impact of female related incivility in the workplace.   Women report more rudeness from their female coworkers than male colleagues. This from a cumulative study recently published in the Journal of Applied Psychology....

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Walk The Ridge is a movement that promotes the daily practice of respect & civility between people with different views & ideologies.

COPYRIGHT 2018 - All Rights Reserved

Walk The Ridge is a practice and movement that promotes the daily practice of respect & civility between people with different views & ideologies. We are a for-profit and for-purpose organization.

COPYRIGHT 2019 - All Rights Reserved